Chicks In Diapers

Celeb Special

Posted on: May 13, 2008

Sophia Bush


Megan Fox

Kiera Knightly

Jessica Alba

Hayden Panettiere

Emma Watson

Brooke Burke

21 Responses to "Celeb Special"

Wow, that surprises me that Hayden wears a diaper, HMM never woulda figured. Emma Watson looks like she needs to be changed. Jessica Alba probably needs to wear diapers more than anybody.

hey do these people have to wear them for medical reasons like me? i would like to know!!!!

i like star girls in diapers

emma watson is hot in her pic

hot pictures, especially the one on Emma Watson

i would love to meet these hot young celebertiys and change there diapers

Hey, thanks for putting up my pastie of Pink! Yup, that’s mine. I’m very flattered — must be doing something right.

i really like them in a diapers they are hot

emma watson married me please

sophia bush why do you wear diapers

brooke burke you are cool

I really liked the pictures. Emma Watson, Keira Knightly, and Sophia Busk look like they could use a change. I would have to say that Jessica Alba looks the best in her diaper. I want to know if any of you wet your diapers while you were shooting.

The pictures are great. Emma Watson, Keira Knightly and some others look like they wet their diapers and need to be changed. Jessica Alba looks the best. I wonder why they do it though.

They are all hot. I admire Hayden Panettiere for having guts to go down to a public beach and wear them and Megan Fox is the first picture where I see two girls kissing and wearing diapers. Jessica Alba is by far the sexiest and I can’t stop looking at it.

Kiera Knightly and Jessica Alba look the best, especially Jessica….wow thats hot

Jessica Alba is soooooo cute in that picture, she looks like such a little girl 🙂

jessica alba,come see me in a diaper

Emma watson is so hot in diapers

i do think that they all look cute!!! especially mrs. alba

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